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The Proceedings of Dr. Ke

Starting Nov 18, 2012 and moving through the summer of 2013 the Lords of Outland will be presenting “The Proceedings of Dr. Ke”.
In 1995 Rent Romus created a series of compositions based on the science fiction writings of San Francisco experimental psychologist Dr. Charles Ponce who had written a number of essays on what he termed Blade Runner Psychology as well as the beginnings of a science fiction book. After reading these Romus completed the original suite of music entitled “the Proceedings”. Although a few of the pieces have been played outside of their original context over the years, the entire suite had only been performed in 1996 at the original Stork Club in Oakland California.
The Lords of Outland will revisit and reinvent the series for the first time in sixteen years debuting new works in conjunction with the original suite in order to document and produce a vinyl LP/CD combination in addition to digital download. Stay Tuned!